Saturday, 20 August 2011

Unbridled Passions

It started like a dream, surreal,
Not seen by me or he who envelopes me,
Fills me, thrills me, and woos me.
He is to me what the air is,
To breathe is to live and to give.
What started as an affair now cannot be compared.
What started as a joke, now has me addicted like coke,
Coca-Cola that is. Now I'm into his aura,
I’m feeling like a species of flora, being his aurora.

When we get there, consuming passion takes over,
Compassion is over, exploration takes over,
Acting like a river, hands wander,
Wanting to go yonder, taking the time,
 Finding that kind of feeling we have been seeking,
I’m reeling in the passion that is evolving, turning.
We find places of zenith within us;
You give me your spirit; I give you my soul,
You give me your body; I give you my whole being
Freeing ourselves, no inhibitions, submissions or conditions
We are soaring to the zenith, till we come down or around.
Having experienced your lips, your kiss, your stiffness, my weakness,
My wetness, your thrust, satisfying our lust for the forbidden.
Not hidden are my feelings, the meaning of which you know now.

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