Saturday, 20 August 2011


Arise and get up!!
Arise to your dreams
Arise to your possibilities.
So long have you sat on your eggs,
So long have you refused to realise your dreams.
So long have you allowed fear to hold you down.
Holding your dreams down,
Afraid of their effects.

Arise and get up!!
Do not wallow in sleep any longer.
Do not wallow in self-pity any longer,
Do not deny your destiny any longer.
To long has your destiny been under wraps.
Fear of the unknown cripples you like a lame man,
Begging on the streets for bread.

Arise and get up!!
Express your heart and follow your dreams.
Allow yourself to be immersed in your innerglow,
That inner iridescent light that screams for air.
Show yourself strong and believe in your greatness.
For there is nothing to fear but fear itself,
The challenge of that fear releases you.
Arise, Arise, ARISE!!!!

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