Friday, 26 September 2014

Thoughts of Passion

  Looking out of the window

stars in the sky, beauty all around.

yet I feel low. why? because my Baby isn't home.

laughter is everywhere, couples love with no care.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing.

Yet I feel low. Why? Because my Baby isn't home.

my heart wants you, my body needs you.

every thought is arrested by you.

you are my warmth, you are my soul.

every night, my imagination runs wild.

thoughts of you, thoughts of me.

thoughts of you on me.

thoughts of you in me.

thoughts of you consuming me.

thoughts of what you do to me.

my body aches for your touch.

my hands itch for your ovation, 

your salutation as you gaze at my womanhood.

i think of your lips, soft, full, sexy.

the way you part them, purse them to draw me in.

my person cries out for your touch,

your caress, your wholeness.

Every inch of me screams for you.

I dream of what you will do to me.

Upon your return, when our eyes meet,

I will be like a lion gazing on its prey.

I have stalked you in my dreams, 

Chased you in my mind,

hunted you in my thoughts.

On your return, my body shall be dripping.

On your return my mouth shall be longing,

Longing to envelope your hardness, 

And swallow your evictions.

my person shall welcome you like The Palace of Versailles,

And like a soldier who has returned from war,

I shall salute you and say, "well done, come and take rest in me. 

Lay your head in my lap. drink from my fountain and regain strength." 

We shall ride the waves of ecstasy, 

joining bodies, fusing spirits, touching souls.

Climbing higher and higher into the realm of orgasmic thrill.   

And when we come down, we will do it all over again.

As I gaze at the stars, I count ahead.

Ahead to when all these dreams turn to reality.

As I await you, I prepare.

I prepare my temple to receive your offering.

I prepare my temple to receive your love.

As the time draws closer, excitement builds within.

I anticipate your return My Love. 

I await you.