Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Journeys of A Nation

My country, my home, the land of my birth
Plundered, abused, raped by those who knew not.
Taken away by "superiors" to serve as slaves.
Kings and Queens reduced to commoners.
Treasures and heritages lost forever.
Dispersed in the New World,
To live, to work, to die.

We were redeemed by our kind,
Those willing to fight the status-quo.
Independence gained on the blood of the righteous.
They stood for their beliefs,
they re-established the good in us.
We were a people again.

Along came the evil amongst us.
The uncouth, they understood not.
The undisciplined, they harkened not.
Once again were we subjected to slavery.
Slavery  by our own kinsmen,
Slavery by those sworn to protect us.

Once again, due to the death of our Goliath,
We have been delivered from slavery.
Democracy is born, we are "free".
But freedom comes at a price.
A price of corruption,
A price of injustice.
But the people are tired.
The people are wanting to be set free indeed,
We hope for ourselves, for our children,
We hope for our future, we hope for our nation.
A revolution to cleanse the land is coming.
The people have spoken..

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