Saturday, 20 August 2011

Passions Fulfilled

Thinking of what you do to me, the way you make me shiver,
Reminds me the sultry pleasures you bring to me every time.
Sinking into my crevice of joy and pleasure,
Entering my temple of peace and tranquillity,
To worship at the altar of love and sensuality.
Oh, come and drink of my fountain of corporeal lust,
Come and swim in the glorious waters of my juices.
How precious and wonderful is your sweet smelling offering.
Coming into my holy of holies to serve your feast of pleasure,
Placing yourself at the mercy of my inner crevices,
Willing the abundance of delight to bring you to the zenith of ecstasy.
Rest your head on the bosoms of serenity,
As I manipulate your body into rhythm with mine,
We ascend the heights of love and joy and together,
Until we reach the crescendo of our symphony and our music plays on.
I remember what you do to me and I smile.
Come to me my love and do it all over again!

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