Saturday, 20 August 2011

Truth be told, I need you.
Truth be told, you need me.
In the hapless madness of this world,
We are the sanity we return to.
In the stress and strain of the land,
We are the rest we need.
Companions, friends, lovers,
Through it all, we have stood the test.
As we stand the test and face the hurricanes of life,
Our relationship is strengthened and fuelled.
Our connection is symbiotic,
Feeding off the energies we give off,
Giving each other the strength to go on.
All through the years to come,
When we will sit on the love bench of our grey-haired days,
Looking at the twilights of our youth,
We will remember our highs and lows,
Remembering our triumphs, and thanking God for each other.

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