Saturday, 20 August 2011


Joy, pure joy. Overwhelming elation.
How I feel cannot be explained or clarified.
How you love me so! How u shower me dearly!
Many times I have thought I was not worthy,
Many times I feel you deserve better,
But you’ve shown me what it is to be loved.
My darling, what would I be without you?
Bringing me from the depths of loneliness and depression,
To the great zeniths of pleasure and passion.
To have much love is to feel much love.
To give much affection is to abound and bask in great warmth.
I bask in your adoration; I swim in your pool of life.
Never stop, please never relent!
For as you express to me, I open the floodgates of my admiration.
My banks are overflowing with respect and tenderness.
To love is to be loved and I am loved most passionately..

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