Saturday, 20 August 2011

Riding The Storms Of Love

The beauty of our love is inexplicable,
The journey we have ridden is indescribable.
From pains, betrayals and rebellion,
To joys, loyalty and submission.
Like two lovebirds that never part,
We are joined forever more.
The love I feel is beyond description,
The peace you give me is beyond understanding.
Wave upon wave of criticism we’ve overcome,
And like super surfers, we’ve ridden them all.
No one compares to you in my life,
My Adonis, my Spartacus, my Hercules.
We have come through darkness to see a new day,
A new dawn in our love and relationship.
We climb to new heights as we explore each other,
And find new things that excite one another.
Like a drug addict, I need my next fix immediately.
I’d rather die with you, than love another.
You are my all... I love you.

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