Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Galaxies and Stars

In space and time we collided.
Two different entities moving without purpose.
Finding each other without searching,
Two stars floating without meaning 
in a system of despair.

At first, we warred, we struggled,
each star trying to outshine the other,
each life source trying to exist on its own,
each one wanting more,
each one looking to disjoin in union.

Then we tore apart, like a fission,
Leaving fragments of each other floating,
Feeling none of this was enough,
Feeling all of this was too much.

Back in the dark, soulless universe,
Out in the galaxy all alone,
2 stars feeling incomplete,
2 stars fighting what is real,
2 stars thinking there was more.

Apart we were broken, struggling,
Disconnected from the power source within us.
Finding ourselves within,
Knowing we were wrong,
knowing we were meant to be.

With stark realization began the quest.
Seek that which was lost.
To regain consciousness with the power source within.
To search for that we assumed was unreal.

To find each other is to discover anew,
The beauty in this vast landscape of life.
To reconnect is to find our love again,
To intimate on a level of soul ties.

With you, I am complete.
With you, my star shines bright.
I am connected to my power source within you,
As you are connected within me.
We radiate love, we transmit joy, we exude peace.

I unite with you, I connect with you.
My unity with you cannot be compared.
My life’s meaning emanates from you.
I walked around incomplete until you fused yourself to me.
Now, I am perfect. 
Perfect in heart, perfect in body, perfect in soul

Thank you for being my star.
Thank you for being my system.

Thank you for being mine.

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