Monday, 14 November 2011


I move up a level in love, an upgrade of the heart.
Fixing the bugs, improving the software, taking out the kinks.
Installing the positivity and weeding out the threats
Scanning my mind at every opportunity, making sure my thinking is right.
Now I install my new software, the thoughts that wipe away the insecurities.
Like an operating system, I repair my chinks and flaunt my greatness.
Now the love within is unimpaired, free to believe your truths.
In this case, to bring down the firewall is to love with no inhibitions.
To love uninhibited is to accept who I am.
To accept who I am is to be free.
Now we live in a time and space, light-years away.
Like Apple, we develop our software of irresistibility.
We are moving at warp-speed into the future,
A place with continuous upgrades..

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